Watch | Thieves broke-in at Dj Ganyani’s studio and stole equipments plus his awards

Johannesburg – Thieves stole equipments and award belonging to Dj Ganyani through the roof in his studio.

Dj Ganyani cries on social media that he is sorry to announce thieves broke in at his studio in Meadowlands, Soweto in early Monday morning.

Anyone with any information no matter how little, please feel free to come forward via inbox/DM. We promise full anonymity.

Sad news as the week starts because mzansi lost a super talented soccer player Anele Ngcongca on Monday morning. The other thing is Dj Ganyani and his crew lost studio equipment also awards.

Sad news for mzansi to lose a soccer player, father and a brother Anele Ngcongca. This happened 23 November 2020 on Monday mornin.

Dj Ganyani gets support from social media pouring tribute to his loss and so anyone with information to come forward because those thieves took much of his belongings.

The identity of the person will be anonymous, so coming forward will an honor to help restore his belongings.