RIP: Two ladies got killed by one person promised them this

South Africa’s unemployment rate is currently at its highest, the number of people looking for jobs has increased in the past year. The economy of the country does not look good and this is a time where jobs are scarce.

This is a difficult time, many people are desperate for jobs and this has made it easy for criminals to lure people by promising them jobs or making them believe that they are going to give them jobs.

A 36 year-old Zimbabwean man, who is allegedly in the country illegally, used the trick to lure 7 women, he made them believe that he was going to give jobs in order to lure women into killing them.

It is alleged that the man killed 7 women in Polokwane, between August and October this year.

The victims were kidnapped and killed by the 36 year-old serial killer who lured them with the promise of employment.

This is very cruel, using something that people desperately need to kidnap and kill them is just something else, he deserves to rot in jail.

The man is currently in police custody for the crimes.

– Augustus_tee