Correct ways to hide big belly in jeans

Buying jeans can be stressful sometimes, you may know your size of jeans but the belly makes it difficult to fit in those jeans. This article will teach you ways to hide the belly without changing the size.

The matter here is the correct cut of the jeans to fit the belly in and look beautiful. You don’t have to change the size and also you will learn which shirts you should buy.

Types of cuts

If you have a big belly jeans like low rise and mid rise have a way also always expose the belly out so stay away from them. The only thing is for you to understand your body shape so that you will know which cut suit you.

Choose the right Jean and look for a label of straight, slim and skinny fit. Look for those lable and make sure the material is stretches and it’s high rise. High waist are a way to go because they will hide and create the curvy look.

Types of cut to avoid

  • Relaxed
  • Boyfriend
  • Wide leg style
  • Loose fitting

If you have a big belly then these cuts are to be avoided because they will expose your belly and at some point cause suffocation.

Choose the right size

Some people prefer to buy jeans in one shop because of the material they use for jeans, but to some instances you will find out size 36 from shop A is big but from shop B fits you. This means you have to go to in all of them to compare fittings.

Never buy baggy jeans because these jeans will make you look big and also make your stomach look big due to the unflattering look.

Choose the right color

Pick dark wash color or black color

These two colors if not least they create an illusion and doesn’t make people to look at your belly, meaning they don’t draw attention.

Avoid white wash and white colors, these ones they draw attention to your belly.

When buying jeans there are many things you have to look, choosing right labels, cuts and material is lot of work but you need to take a chance.

You also need to check the material of the waistline, check for firm than flimsy and lose. You can do this and you will appear as a person of taste in style. Look below the type of fabric you need to check.

Choose the right length 

Those jeans with a rubber string inside will cut your belly into two halves and it’s not what you want at all.

Choose right length of jeans that fits you till your ankles.

Jeans that bunch up on your ankels they will make you look short and round. Correct length will streamline your look.

Choose the right zip fly 

When speaking of zip fly we talk about the one that doesn’t have lot of buttons.


Choose the right shirt

You may not like over size shirts but they are a way to go because they will hide your belly inside jeans.

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