Watch: Mzansi “Skrr skrr” turned into a laughing stock for wearing this in public

Social media is one of the things that is adding up gradually to the instability and madness that we witness in the streets, People do crazy things to trend. We are living in a generation where social media and public attention have taken over the dignity of your youth.

Young people are doing stupid things in the name of fashion and style. Not so long ago, there was a video of a lady wearing a completely revealing dress made out of masks, claiming that she was going to church. If you walk across all our streets during the weekends, you will be very disappointed by what young people are wearing out there.

Speaking of that, there’s a trending video of 3 guys who left everyone disguised and disappointed after what they were wearing. These guys were wearing diapers at a local plaza, walking around and taking videos. See the video below:

After this was posted, many people expressed their disappointment and how disgusted they were with what these boys were doing. This is a disgrace to men as a whole.

Even the bystander looks so disguised, as you can tell by the way they are looking at them. After this Cairo was posted on Twitter, these guys were fried and turned into jokes. See some of the comments below.