EFF leader Julius Malema not sleeping early on Sunday but spotted at Konka deejaying

The legendary Soweto luxury club Nkonka is now known throughout the country. It is notorious for being extremely pricey and only available to South Africa’s wealthy elite. It has created ripples on the internet, and no one expected lawmakers to take an interest in the group. Many South Africans were startled when Julius Malema showed up at the club and fully shut it down.

A video of the EFF Leader at Nkonka has been floating on the internet. What’s remarkable is that he didn’t come to drink or do anything else, but he was the one who made people dance. The majority of people did not expect this from him because he hasn’t been on the campaign trail in a long time.

When he chose to play music for the folks, he shut down the place in a short amount of time. Everyone was taken aback by the fact that he could still DJ and make people dance. Thousands of South Africans watched the video; those who knew him for his DJ talents were not surprised, but those who didn’t were absolutely taken aback.

Julius Malema is clear that he is more than a politician. He appears to be the only politician who connects with ordinary people and does not try to be a celebrity. Aside from being a powerful politician, he has excellent DJing talents. He previously stated that he has been doing this as a hobby for a long time and that he has never stopped. This was all on display at Konka on Sunday.