Jackie Phomotse on Ukuthwala(Cutls), man wealth and its sacrifices!


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Jackie Phomotse is a writer, business woman, social activist and philanthropist. Last night Jackie did a one hour live video speaking about Ukuthwala(Cutls) and man sacrifices to be come rich.

Last night she spoke about sangomas that have to unpack things behind Ginimbi’s death. Ukuthwala is a very dangerous thing a person can do in their lives.

Ukuthwala has many sacrifices that may sometimes require a person to kill their first child. Some snakes(Mamlambo) require things that are not good in a long run, things like sexual activities as it very active when it comes to such things.

If you are a man you will be it’s husband and if you are a lady you will be it’s wife.

Watch what Jackie Phomotse spoke about last night.


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