Updates on L Cone Essential Gym session.

Watch a video and updates session at L Cone Essential Gym in Potchefstroom, North West in South Africa.

Reaching a goal to your desired body is simple, it takes time and dedication. Diet and gym go hand in hand. L Cone Essential Gym is one of the best gym in Potchefstroom that has a goal to transform people’s body.

Aerobics session

Thabang (The Black Stallion) Dipale is assigned as a personal trainer in taking people into losing and gaining journey. So effective that people always see results in individuals.

The gym is at its best as personal trainers like Mosa engage with people personally by giving tips and advices on what to do and what not or what do eat through social media.

Aerobics session to tone and lose at the same time.

Watch a video session on how things are done in order to lose or gain muscles. They use many different methods to gain for those who gain and lose for those who want lose. Lots and lots of machines are found at L Cone Essential Gym.

Many things are done at the gym and if you want to join you can you can do so anytime.



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