Muvhango| MacDonald Ndou (KK Molaudzi) commits suicide

After a long absence, it appears that actor Khakhathi, better known as KK, will return to the screen in Muvhango. Muvhango is a South African telenovela that began broadcasting in 1997. It has succeeded to win the hearts of many people around the country over the years since it gives the fans with the stuff that they are looking for. It’s their plot that always makes viewers pleased when they watch the show. The stuff that they are serving this time has recently raised the ratings.

Presently, we’ll talk more about McDonald Ndou’s role as Khakhathi Mulaudzi. He’ll be returning with the best content he’s ever had, like he is known for. He is one of the cast’s few talented actors, and he has played the lead role for several years. This time, he’s going to blow the heads of his audience. KK will try suicide after being absent from the screen for months.

All of this will unfold this month when his son Kgosi, played by Tebatso Mashishi, is kidnapped by unknown individuals. We all know that Kgosi’s life was never simple, and all he ever wanted was a parent at his side. When his father turned his back on him and refused to have anything to do with him, it crushed his heart. Regrettably, Khakhathi will now discover too late that he has been a lousy father.


He will struggle to accept his son’s kidnapping and will attempt suicide as a result. He’s going to take drugs because he hates how he treated his only kid, who has always been supportive of him. Kgosi has been nothing but encouraging. It’s just too bad that he won’t realize he’s been cruel to him until it’s too late. When he realizes he has failed his son, he plans to drink a lot of pills in an attempt to commit suicide. It is unknown if he will live or die.