Things you have to do before giving away your worn clothes

Being generous to the underprivileged is both a human and a religious responsibility. African culture also encourages communal life, in which members of the family and the wider community share their resources.

African culture encourages us to share resources such as food, clothes, and arable land with people who do not have access to these items themselves.


Only wives are non-transferable, even to other members of the same family.It makes sense to be kind to those who are less fortunate in our society.Compassion may literally save lives when it is demonstrated. In life, we all experience feelings of inadequacy. Even the most benign deed might result in death in certain circumstances.

It is possible to preserve a life if this criterion is satisfied in a timely way. For example, aiding a sick person to the hospital may be able to save the soul of someone who is about to die.Furthermore, doing a nice deed makes a person feel more connected to the rest of society. When someone is in need, they are more likely to experience unpleasant emotions such as despair and loneliness. Suicidal thoughts are commonly triggered as a result of these types of sentiments.

It does, on the other hand, have the disadvantage of leading some people to grow reliant on it. For the purpose of continuing to be beggars, some people may hide behind the goodness of others in order to remain anonymous.People’s personal experiences have generated a new wave of optimism about our ability to show compassion for the impoverished. Donating old clothing to those in need is the primary component of this activity.

We periodically acquire new apparel to replace those that have become worn out. Typically, these outgrown clothing are given to those who are less fortunate in our culture.The poor should not be given them carelessly, though, and this should be avoided if at all possible.When a person wears clothing over an extended length of time, the clothes become points of contact with the individual’s soul.

This is why some spiritualists may suggest that a person bring a piece of an adversary’s before assaulting them in order to avoid confusion.Elisha sought Elijah’s garment in the Bible, and as a result, he received a bit of Elijah’s spirit as a result.As a result, before donating worn clothing to the poor, it is important to pray over it properly.

This untangles the soul from the clothes and allows it to move freely.Additionally, wash and disinfect clothes to reduce the risk of illness transfer and transmission. Eczema and a number of other skin disorders are readily spread through the use of contaminated clothes.