A 22 years old Limpopo mom killed in horrible way

The deaths in Limpopo appear to be continuing. Another terrible event has the Kopermyn village under Ga-Maja angry and searching for a man who fled after murdering his girlfriend. Despite the fact that the incident occurred on Sunday, the deceased’s body was located yesterday evening. On Sunday, a man in his twenties allegedly strangled his 22-year-old fiancée in front of their two children.

The father fled the scene after killing his children’s mother, and now the enraged neighborhood is seeking for him.

Sadly the 2 kids witnessed their own mother take her last breath right infront of them.It is a very traumatizing incident and the community of Kopermyn plead for assistance on finding the man.It still remains unknown what actually led the man to strangle the 22-year-old to death.Limpopo residents are worried as woman and children are getting killed in a horrifc way and still no arrests made.