Dj Marsh managed to sleep with 100 women after drinking tea at church

Dj Marsh managed to sleep with 100 women after drinking tea at church

Bernard macharia famously know as Dj Marsh has narrated how he cheated on his wife with over 100 women but when he confessed to his wife she told him he already knew the information.

Dj Marsh claims that he was introduced by his friend to a certain church were they would attend at their pastor house and every Sunday before the service begins they were offered a bread and a cup of tea. There were many people in the weird church.

He says that immediately he could drink that tea everything in his body would change and couldn’t concentrate on what the pastor was preaching .

After he attended for like a month he started cheating on his wife in a day he would sleep with at least two ladies. The feelings came exactly 3pm and this continued until the time he stopped going to that church.

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He claims that when he felt guilty and he decided to confess to his wife that he was cheating. To his shock, wife told him that she knew that he was cheating through the dreams she was having.

Djmarsh decided to get born again and he says that his wife has being very supportive even in guiding him through spiritual matters and he now preachs the gospel.

He says that they are so many men who are going through what he went through but he urge them to speak out and they will be helped, because if he didn’t speak about it maybe those spirits would be hunting him till now but he thank God he was delivered.