Angela says ARV makes her skin glow

Angela says ARV makes her skin glow

HIV activist Angela mostusi says that we always think bad about being who are HIV positive and that is not always the case and things have changed the Better.

She says that since she taking ARV pills as she is HIV positive she feels like there’s something special about ARV pills that makes people to glow.

She says that an investigation must be done on the ARv pills to find out what makes the pills so special, she says that she’s surprised everyday to see her face glowing more than the normal person skim glow.

Some become shocked as they see people who are HIV living the best life, nothing stops angel mostusi to love her best life she’s able to look beautiful like everyone.

Angela she’s regarded as the speaker who’s responsible for encouraging people to take their HIV treatment on time and to not be afraid to get their HIV treatment clinic at any of their local clinic.