People mistaken new minister to Mama Jack

People mistaken new minister to Mama Jack

South Africans do not cease to maze at all , they will always find out something to make Joe’s about or even try to point out Mistakes. Leon Schuster , one of the dead South African actors was trending on Social media platforms, the reason of trending was due to the fact there is a newly deployed minister who is seen to to be like Leon Schuster.

Even when things are like this , there are more South Africans who still believe that what South Africans bare doing in the meantime is not good at all , as they are busy body shaming the newly deployed minister. South Africans are sharing many different things in the Social media platforms due to all these things which are happening in the meantime.

The main reason why the current president of the country decided to reshuffle the Cabinet it was Atleast to ensure that the Cabinet is re-energized again and go to another form. The other bug reason , it was the fact that there are ministers who are no longer in cabinet due to death or resignation. The minister has decided to fix some of these things in the meantime.

I think it’s always a view in South Africa that celebrities they must always be strong in their ways of doing things every time and ensure that they always do things be bold. Politicians are forever facing critics and it very important for them to always ensure that they don’t follow anything that will always tries to bring their spirit down. No leader will never be body shamed or criticized.

What South Africans should never undermine at all is to leave this issue like that and never do proper investigations. It’s possible, there might be something more than what we are seeing what they will never expose to us. It’s possible, they might be siblings in anyway. We must always try to investigate further on these issues.

Like others believe , there is A tendency in South Africa of always undermining female leadership in most cases. I think it’s important for the government of the African National Congress and all other political parties to always respect female leadership in most cases and give them enough respect and trust. Very key and important always. She deserve a chance like others.