Do you have dark inner thighs? Try these simple things

Do you have dark inner thighs? Try these simple things 

The weather will be extremely hot by summer. It requires one to constantly be hydrated. Not only that, but one has to also wear clothes that are cool. For some they have to wear professional clothing with minimal ventilation. And can we add masks to the list of the worst thing to happen to us this summer? Hectic!

Now imagine being someone who has to deal with all that discomfort and have chaffing inner thighs or dark inner thighs? Horrible.

A lot of people over the years have recommended countless remedies to curb that problem. This includes applying baby powder to the inner thighs to curb chaffing. But this seemingly innocent remedy, is, in fact, a health hazard.

Baby Powder comprises of a asbestos, which can cause lung cancer, endometriosis and ovarian cancer. So fight the edge to grab that powder.

Bicarbonate of soda and water

Is there anything too hard for bicarbonate of soda? From softening your meat, to killing horrible smells and combating nappy rashes in babies, it’s the go to remedy. If you have chafed (painful as a result of exercise, walking and heat), try some bicarbonate of soda. Mix some with some water and apply to affected area. If your inner thighs are darker, mix some lemon juice and bicarbonate, apply to affected area and leave on for a couple of minutes for 2 week’s, everyday. You’ll see the difference.


You want to go for a walk or run but you’re scared that you’re going to be in pain from chaffing, right? Fret not. You can apply some vaseline to your inner thighs. Vaseline is a natural lubricant, which means it will keep your area moisturized and you will not sweat, which causes the chaffing.

Nappy Cream

Most nappy creams contain zinc +oxide helps the skin from drying out . And let me tell you, prevention is better than cure. Before engaging in activities that will result in sweating, apply nappy cream to the area. This will keep you dry or if you’re already chaffed, it will keep the area infection free.


If you struggle with hyperpigmentation, grab some yogurt or milk and curb that problem. Mix some milk or plain yogurt with lemon juice and leave onto the affected area for 15 minutes. The lactic acid found in milk is a lightening agent, so put it to good use.