Mother-in-law was caught doing this when visiting his daughter’s home

Mother-in-law was caught doing this when visiting his daughter’s home

When mothers-in-law visit their daughters in towns or villages, they are frequently treated with the utmost respect.

Some communities, such as the Luo, do not allow fathers to spend the night in their daughters’ homes because it is considered taboo.

They are therefore expected to act appropriately in order to show their daughters respect in the places where they are married.

This was not the case in Katura village, Kisumu County, when a 64-year-old woman made a blunder while attending a funeral for her daughter’s co-wife.

Getruda, a woman identified only by her first name, is said to have attended the funeral on Friday evening with two other women from Siaya county.

They were led to the location where they would spend the night on Friday, but no one expected the respected guest to also be a ‘professional’ night runner.

Getruda reportedly tiptoed from the house half-necked and began exposing her talent in the village, robbing the villagers of their sleep.

The owner of the house where the three were taken to sleep returned late at night and locked the gate, unaware that the guest was outside performing her duties.

This meant that the mother-in-law would have to sleep outside until the morning. She was said to have returned home after midnight to find the gate locked.

She sat by the gate until the morning hours, when the gate was opened as her two friends wondered where Getruda had gone, embarassed of what people would say about her.

Before she opened up and revealed the truth about her nightrunning habit, people began to wonder where she was coming from with such a dress code.

Everyone was perplexed, with some saying, “This mom is embarrassing her daughter.”

She was ultimately allowed to enter the compound, pack her belongings, and leave because she had acted inappropriately as a respected guest.

The funeral service, on the other hand, went down without a hitch, and her daughter was spotted pleading for forgiveness on her mother’s behalf.