Revealed| Dreams you should never ignore

Revealed| Dreams you should never ignore

A good night’s sleep is always necessary to recharge our batteries and prepare ourselves for the day to come.

However, just because our bodies may spend six to nine hours resting each night, that doesn’t mean that our brains have stopped working for a second.

While we sleep, our brains and our subconsciouses are capable of taking us for quite a ride — through our dreams. And just as there are surprising things that can affect the nature of our dreams, there is so much that our subconsciouses are trying to tell us with each and every dream.

1. Boxes

Concealment, secrets, and disappointment

If you dream about boxes, your subconscious is trying to reach out to you about concealment. Either you may fear that there is something important that is being hidden from you, or you may be keeping a secret from others around you.

Even more than that, if you open a box in your dream, it may be your way of saying that you are ready to reveal a secret.

And if you look inside the box to find it empty, you are likely experiencing feelings of disappointment in your life.

2. Falling

Lack of control, danger, and anxiety

A very common dream is one in which the person feels like they are falling. This may be your subconscious’s way of telling you that things are getting way too out of control in your life.

You may be afraid of failure or that some of your riskier life choices may be coming back to bite you in the end.

If falling is a recurring symbol in your dreams, it is probably a good indicator that you need to focus on anxiety-fighting activities in your day-to-day life, such as meditation or yoga.

3. Cats

Femininity, spirituality, and power

Whether or not you are a cat-lover in your waking life shouldn’t matter; cats can appear as a powerful symbol in anyone’s dreams.

Your subconscious may be telling you to get further in touch with your feminine side. This can easily be accomplished through a deepening of your relationships with females.

There is a large amount of power associated with femininity. It may just be time to embrace that confidence. This may even lead to a sort of personal spiritual awakening.

 4. Teeth

Aging, appearance, and health

For many people who have experienced dreams involving teeth, they may have felt something much more akin to a nightmare, with their teeth either breaking or falling out.

Teeth symbolize a fear of getting older, and possibly even death. A great way to combat this fear is by trying to live each day to the fullest, and by leading a positivity-driven life.

This may also be your subconscious telling you that you are too concerned about your appearance and not enough about your health. After all, it isn’t about how you look so much as it is about how you feel.

 5. Hair

Sexuality, status, and freedom

If you dream about hair, it is likely that you have some aspects of your physical relationships that you have to work out. Your subconscious may be telling you that it is time to embrace the more sexual side to your personality.

Hair also symbolizes a desire to connect with other people, so long as you know your status. You prefer to know exactly where you stand in relation to others — both at work and in relationships.

And if you specifically dream about long hair, you are aspiring for a sense of freedom. It may just be time to remove those artificial restrictions you sometimes put on yourself.

6. Water

Ambition, risk, and fluidity

Water shows that you are either a person who likes to take chances, or you aspire to take more chances. You have big goals, and your subconscious wants you to shoot for the moon.

Risk may seem scary, but your dreams indicate that you are likely ready to take a big risk in a new area of your life. This can be terrifying, but you can’t get what you want unless you try.

If you dream about water, you also love when life feels fluid and easy. You long for the day when life is both simple and comfortable.

 7. Being Naked In Public

Judgment, vulnerability, and acceptance

It might sound strange, but the majority of people have actually dreamed that they were naked in public at one time or another. That is because this dream symbolizes a universal fear: the fear of being judged.

While it might take a lot to put yourself out there, allowing others to see your vulnerability will only diminish those negative, judgmental feelings.

The goal at the end of the day is always self-acceptance. Your subconscious wants you to be proud of who you are. This dream is your wake-up call to start saying “I love you” to that person in the mirror.

8. Dreaming of Snakes in your Bed

Generally, Dreaming of a snake on your Bed indicates your sexual desires, intimacy, feeling of privacy, and needed rest. But only hearing this definition is not enough as every one of you will have different dreams ranging from feeling intriguing to Disgusting.

Dream Meaning Summary

1. Related to your Sexual Desires.

2. Ambivalent feelings towards romantic or sexual intimacy with a partner.

3. You Are Working too much; You Need Rest.

4. Healing or Transformation is taking place.

5. You need to Define your Private Space as your personal boundaries are being tested.