ANC blow| ANC top member join EFF

ANC blow| ANC top member join EFF

The EFF marched in Phoenix today in protest of what those bigoted Indians did to Black folks in Phoenix, which is completely unforgivable. The EFF in eThekwini is leading a march to Phoenix against racist Indians yesterday. Our people were killed in Phoenix, Arizona, and their spirits deserve to rest in transformative and ideal tranquility.

Consequently, following what the EFF did today toward racist Indians in Phoenix People from the ANC have begun to step down in order to join the EFF in protest. Because the EFF did something that can no longer be undone today.

Here is a message from an ANC member urging living ANC members to join the EFF:

ANC members who leave the party to join the EFF should be aware that they are not the first or the last to do so; many people left in 1959, hundreds more in 2008, and there was a massive migration of young people in 2013; and many more will leave in the coming years. Although there are many organizations that pertain to individuals or groups of people, the African National Congress (ANC) is the only one that belongs to all of the citizens in this nation

Because the ANC is supposed to be safeguarding our citizens, the choice by the KZN branch of the party to not even participate in the protest is a squandered incentive, and I find it extremely disappointing.

A sign of competence is joining political movement that believes in action rather than words, especially if those causes are in the right direction. Salutations from the home of those who courageously defend the rights of black people, who are the most disadvantaged.

Numerous black South Africans are members of the EFF

Many people will come to their senses and return home shortly, perhaps even immediately. It is the entity that fights for the rights of African peoples and people of color.

The ANC member who is considering leaving the ANC to join the EFF should be aware that it will not be an obvious journey; being an Economic Freedom Fighter necessitates a solid base as well as an unquestioning love for black people, including those who are hostile to you at times.