Fallen Heroes: Where did the Jack Mabaso family from Generations: The Legacy disappear to?

Fallen Heroes: Where did the Jack Mabaso family from Generations: The Legacy disappear to?

Generations The Legacy has produced many onset characters; amongst them is the legendary Mabaso family. The Generations storyline is centred on the rich and influential Moroka family, which owns the Moroka Empire.

The Mabaso family proved to be a force to be reckoned with and tried to survive along with the storyline, from wedging formidable alliances with the Moroka family to building its independent family Empire. The Mabaso family has been fragmented along with the storyline until their leader, Jack Mabaso, played by Vusi Kunene, left the cast through death in 2020.

Currently, the once invincible and formidable Mabaso family is survived by one member, Dr Sphe Moroka. Generations The Legacy fans frequently ask the main question: Where are the Mabaso family members now?

Where is the Jack Mabaso family from Generations The Legacy?


Jack Mabaso – (Vusi Kunene)

Legendary, award-winning actor Vusi Kunene played the role of Jack Mabaso on Generations: The Legacy; he was the leader of the Mabaso family. Jack Mabaso was entrusted to lead the Cele clan and serve their interests. The captain of the ship that wasn’t bound to sink, Vusi Kunene, exited Generations The Legacy to join the Gomora cast where he played the role of Uncle Rodney. Despite Gomora being a low-budget soapie, Vusi Kunene scored a contract of R120 000 per month, making him the most paid actor. Currently, Vusi Kunene plays the role of Funani Zwide, a leading role in the Etv telenovela House of Zwide.

Vusi Kunene
Vusi Kunene: Image Credit @Instagram


Nandi Mabaso – Wife (Brenda Mhlongo)

On Generations The Legacy, actress Brenda Mhlongo played the role of Nandi Mabaso, wife to a gangster in suit Jack Mabaso. Nandi played the motherly role and anchor of the family; she held the family together despite all the challenges of being a mother in a fragmented family.

Brenda Mhlongo
Brenda Mhlongo: Image Credit – Instagram

Nandi excited Generations The Legacy in a bid to liberate herself from her controlling husband, Jack Mabaso; she departed to start a new life away from the manipulation of Jack. Brenda Mhlongo left Generations The Legacy cast to join The Queen, where she played the role of Ntombizodwa “Zodwa” Khoza. She established her name amongst Mzansi greatest actresses when she played the role of KaMadonsela on Imbewu: The Seed before bowing out of the drama series for other challenges.

Bafana “Fana” Cele –  Son (Mnqobi Duma)

Actor Mnqobi Duma played the role of Fana, a weak son of Jack Mabaso who wasn’t firm enough to take over his father’s illegal business.

Bafana was too straightforward to be a Mabaso heir; he bid farewell to the Generations Cast on 29 0ctober 2018. Fana was at the wrong place, at the wrong time and succumbed to a stray bullet from Jack Mabaso’s gun, a curse his father took to the grave.

Mnqobi Duma
Mnqobi Duma and Vusi Kunene: Image Credit @Instagram

Currently, Mnqobi Duma dumped his acting career to focus on making music. The versatile entertainer and writer are creating his legacy in the entertainment industry; in June 2020, he released his first book titled The Best Play Ever Written.

Mnqobi Duma
Mnqobi Duma: Image Credit @Instagram

Namhla Diale – Daughter (Thulisile Phongolo)

The computer wizard Namhla was Jack Mabaso’s daughter with Lucy Diale (played by Manaka Ranaka). Namhla spent most of her life unaware of her father’s whereabouts until it was revealed that Jack Mabaso forced himself on Lucy Diale while she was underage to conceive Namhla.

Namhla lived in the Mabaso house for a short time before leaving to study abroad.

Thulisile Phongolo
Thulisile Phongolo: Image Credit- @Instagram

Actress and MC Thuli Phongolo hogged the headlines when she alleged to be dating DJ Maphorisa. She denied the rumour despite overwhelming video evidence of her throwing herself at Dj Maphorisa. Thuli Phongolo joined the Showmax series The Wife cast, where she played the role of Lerato, a journalist and work colleague of Hlomu.


Siphesihle “Sphe” Cele – Daughter (Pearl Monama)

Pearl Monama
Pearl Monama: Image Credit @Instagram

Actress Pearl Monama plays the role of Sphe Moroka; she was married to the Moroka clan heir Mazwi Moroka, a move to join two strong families together. Sphe had mixed love for his father, but she loved all her family members. Losing her parents and siblings over the storyline forged a more robust and tougher person. Sphe is the only Mabaso family member surviving on set; she continues to carry the Mabaso banner flag.

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