SIGNS OF CURSES| How to break witchcraft curses in 6 steps

SIGNS OF CURSES| How to break witchcraft curses in 6 steps

In these end times, witchcraft curses have been on the increase. Why is this? The Holy Scriptures in 1Tim 4:1 says that there will be occult revival in the last days. Who is a witch? A Witch is someone who has consciously entered into the service of satan in order to assist him in his ministry of stealing, killing and destroying. Earth was never created for devils. Their presence here is simply an invasion. Evil in whatever form is proof of the presence of the evil spirits.

Earth was designed to be an embassy of heaven, but it quickly fell to the dominion of the forces of hell. Since then the inhabitants of the earth have been enslaved by the powers of darkness.

Witchcraft has been practiced since the beginning of time. Right from ancient Babylon with the rise of Nimrod the great hunter, through to ancient Egypt where the likes of Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses down to the present times, mankind has lived with the horrors and darkness of the evil powers.

Every language, clime and people have their own brand of witchcraft. This is because satan has enslaved all of mankind. There is Wicca and druidic witchcraft from Europe, black witchcraft from Africa, Santeria witchcraft from the Caribbean, Arabian magic from the Arabs, martial arts witchcraft from the far east, illuminati witchcraft from Europe and North America, cabala witchcraft from the Jews, Enochian magic, Hindu witchcraft from India, Tibetan witchcraft etc.

How do we identify the presence of witchcraft curses: If a person is plagued with any of the following, then such a person needs to understand that he is under a witchcraft curse.

Curse of failure: unexplained failure in any life pursuit obviously means ones star is being manipulated by witchcraft forces.

Curse of sudden, untimely and strange death: Some families never reach age 50 years before they die, this is a curse.

Curse of destruction

Curse of hatred: When people just hate you without a reason, then know you are grappling with witchcraft curses

Curse of shame and dishonor

Curse of poverty: Abject poverty regardless of how hard one works is a sure sign of witchcraft curse.

Curse of inability to marry

Curse of inability to bear children

Curse of initiation and identification

Curse of sickness

What to do?

Jesus Christ is the ONLY deliverer. You MUST surrender your life to Jesus Christ first and foremost.

1. Confession of sins: Get a sheet of paper and write out as many sins as possible that you have committed. Repent of each and ask for the blood of Jesus to cleanse you.

2. High Praises to God in the highest: When you sing praises to God in the highest, chains get broken just as it happened to Paul and Silas in prison.

3. Forgive those who have hurt or wronged you: God will make happen for you what you make happen for others. If you don’t forgive others God will not forgive you. And except you obtain forgiveness from God you cannot be free from witchcraft curses.

4. Covenants: Somehow ones ancestors may have been involved in the occult. This makes it legal for the evil powers to treat you as their property unless you break any such covenant over your life.

5. Binding and losing: Most times there is a demon or group of demons attached to a curse. So you need to bind them and send them to a specific location.

6. Confession of God’s Word: There is power in the Word of God and it a force that the powers of hell cannot withstand. Until we voice the uncreated Will of God we cannot void the rebellious will of the evil spirits.