Not again| The R81 closed following CASH-IN Transit

Not Again| The R81 road is temporarily closed between Lebaka cross and Bellevue following a Cash-In Transit.

Motorist traveling between Mooketsi and Giyani are adblviced to use the alternative road because there is an active investigation following a Cash-In Transit.

Crime happens every day in the world, South Africa has a new huge worry that is certainly trending these past months. Almost every day or week there is a Cash-In Transit, investigation are still on going to find out what is the cause of this crime.

People would blame it on poverty and Covid-19 but it is one of the above. Such crimes have happened before and are still happening. People are now ganging up to loot cash from money transports vehicles, they take it and go for more. In these crimes people on duty are usually killed and badly injured from gun shots.

In November 2020, Cash-In Transit increased to 107, 7% which is 14 cases higher than the previous ones before November 2020.

“We have noticed a spike in courier vehicle theft. In a few of these cases, the vehicles have been recovered but the goods are missing. The fact that the majority of these vans and vehicles are being taken by force or in armed robberies and hijackings is of great concern.”