Not again| Limpopo farmer are producing chicks with 4 feet

Limpopo is trending again for shocking news, they produce chicks with 4 feet.

A farmer form Makotopong, Limpopo was shocked to generate these four legged chicks. David Bopape has been chicken growing through over 12 years since he created 5 chicks with four legs out of nowhere, and he felt he had been bewitched.

Our latest Polokwane News24 investigative journalists were able to pay him a visit, they discovered five chickens with 4 legs.

We then consulted the Limpopo Department of Agriculture, who informed us that he may have used drugs and GMOs to bulk up. This is now concrete evidence of severe effects in various in chickens as a result of overdiagnosing and DNA tinkering.

All chickens are called four legged chicks.

They went to another farm in Seshego which is just outside Polokwane, to their surprise they found one chick with 8 legs.

He claimed that it was influenced by an egg with two or three yokes.

When our investigative journalists pursue their investigations, it was discovered that some restaurants use these four-legged or eight-legged chickens.