Stolen car_Man gets R3k fine or 3 months in jail for opening a false case

A man will spend his three months time in jail and will also fork out R3000 of fine for opening a false case by SAPS.

SAPS is warning people with the intend of opening false cases that the long arm of the law will catch up them.

According to the police reports, the man alleged that he had parked his vehicle on the road outside his house on 23 September 2020, within an hour it was stolen.

He was fined R3000 or be sentanced to spend three months in jail. A 25 years old man was found guilty of opening up a case that was found falsely of a car alleged to be stolen, at Pheonix police station.

Communications officer of Phoenix SAPS, Cpt L Naidoo, said, “On October 5, 2020, the Trio Crime Prevention Unit received information about a vehicle that was positively identified as stolen in the case, which the accused had reported. Police officers approached the address and interviewed the driver of the vehicle, who informed the police officers that he had no knowledge of the vehicle being stolen and explained to them that the accused had borrowed R5, 000 from him and in return, left his vehicle with the logbook and keys as collateral until he paid the money back.”

Police the escorted the driver to the station where he confirmed the details to the detective in duty.

The vehicle was entered in the station register as recovered and the accused was contacted with the information that the police had regarding the vehicle.

“The accused was questioned about the theft of motor vehicle case and he admitted to having registered a false case. The accused was immediately placed under arrest and charged for defeating the ends of justice. The matter was eventually set for trial and the accused was subsequently found guilty and sentenced. A stern warning is metered out to all would-be criminals that making a false statement under oath will eventually get you arrested,” she concluded.