Jacob Zuma trail delayed again, he tried to launch time recusal

Jacob Zuma trail delayed again, former president launched late recusal bid.

Proceedings has been delayed at the Pietermaritzburg High Court, as day one of Jacob Zuma trail endured a predictably sluggish start. The corruption case filed again uBaba and the French company Thales has been years in the making. The defence is still stalling for time, due to an attempted recusal against Advocate Billy Downer.

Jacob Zuma’s beloved strategy, is delay which appear to be in full swing. Before he set the foot Ina courtroom on Monday it was believed that the trail would not kick off properly, after he parted ways with his legal team just weeks before his day in the dock. His lack of representation was already likely to push things back.

However, the drama intensified once everyone took their seats for the Zuma trial. The defence, or whatever is left of it, launched a dramatic, last-minute recusal bid against state prosecutor Billy Downer. If you’re getting deja vu, that’s because Msholozi also tried to have Raymond Zondo recused from the State Capture Inquiry last year.

However, no reason for the attempted recusal has been shared publicly with Billy Downer or the state itself. A special plea, filed earlier today will be heard on Wednesday. We have also learned that former president Jacob Zuma plans to plead ‘not guilty’ once the trail actually gets underway.



The trail will officially restart on Wednesday 26 Mat 2021.