This is how you break spirit ties of people you slept with

This is how you break spirit ties of people you slept with in your life. 

Have you been getting thoughts about the people you slept with in the past and is like they are haunting you? Here is how you break the tie of their spirits.

When you sleep with someone it doesn’t mean you sleep with them for just, but there’s more like a spiritual connection between you too. The spiritual connection is not like a relationship or one night stand that will end when you two part ways.

When you sleep with each other you are transferring or exchanging spiritual things. if you want to break that spiritual bond between you and those people do the following. Sometimes you come across many misfortunes in life maybe it’s because you are still bonded with a particular person.

Things to do

Buy two white candles and tie them together using a black wool.

Light the two candles.

The dripping of two candles should be on one source plate.

AAllow the two candles to burn until the wool like in the picture. Whe it gets there have a paper with your ex’s name writen 9 times. If you have that 2 or 3 exes always thinking of them, then do the process that times using fresh candles each ex.

One candle that will burn fast represents you and the other one is your ex. Now burn the paper using candle fire and drip the ashes on the same source plate of candles.


Burning ex

From here throw your ashes and candle drip in a flowing water like of toilet flushing then rest in peace that your ex spiritual ties are broken. If they did not then you will have to go and see sangoma to give you a cleansing.