New simple rule| Get vaccinated, take off mask or wear a mask until you do so

After a year of hard work and so much sacrifice, the new rule is now simple: Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do so. Says President Joe Biden.

A United State Government Official took it to social media on twitter telling the nation that people should still adhere to Covid-19 health protocols when they are in public. Which is still to wear mask more especially for those who have not taken the jab.

It’s been a full year the whole world in a battle fight of Covid-19. The world has done so many things to curb the spread of the virus. A while back in order to flatten the curve, all people were asked to were mask as to prevent contracting the virus and save lives.

10:13pm US president told people to wear mask if they are not vaccinated. This caused a stir on social media after they saw on other side that they are somehow forced to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

In the past months soon as the vaccine was ready to be taken, there were rumours that the vaccine is not good and all that. This caused a stir that others won’t take it. Now that Joe Biden said that, seems like people are forced to take it if they want to take off masks, this is according to tweeps.

United States Covid-19 cases, updated in the last 23 hours/source of 13 May 2021.

People are not really convinced to take off mask even if they have given the privilege to not wear them provided they have been vaccinated. Other countries would be glad to not wear mask after this long time. Though the statement is controversial that it seems like it is forcing people to get vaccinated when they don’t want to.