MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS| AKA slams business pokers

Mind you own business, AKA slams people who like to put their nose on his business. He gives three advices he was asked how he does it. 

After the death of AKA’s fiancée Nelli Tembe, people wanted to know what really happened at the morning Nelli jumped to her death. They asked so many questions and came up with speculations that lead the popular rapper to shoot a video slamming them.

The situation around the death of Nelli Tembe changed the perspective of how they see Kiernan Forbes ‘Aka’ just after a video was leaked where Nelli was crying out loud. Just after he released a statement regarding the death, pictures and videos were all over internet and this made them to say he was abusive to his fiancée.

People dragged Gender Based Violence (GBV) champaign into AKA’s matter and wanted him to counter for his actions. Later we saw an article that talks about Nelli’s father telling people that AKA did not pay lobola for his daughter. These are rumours and we do not hold all the truth about father’s opinion.

The situation of Nelli committing suicide has changed as many suspect AKA for allegedly abusing his fiancée which eventually lead to her death due to depression or she was pushed off 10th floor building at Pepper club in Cape Town.

Watch how AKA slammed the business pokers.