Kiernan Forbes ‘AKA’ Canceled all live performances due to social pressure

Kiernan Forbes canelled all his upcoming live performances due to social pressure.

It has been almost a month after the death a beautiful fiancée, Nelli Tembe who has been engaged to the popular rapper Kiernan Forbes best known as AKA. Ever since Nelli’s death people were so supportive to AKA sending such love and condolences, but after the recent videos and pictures leaked it is now something else.

People have turned their backs on the popular rapper because they are confused of what happened in the story of Nelli. Not that they deserve an explanation but people are going over board about the whole thing.

AKA recently released the statement stating that he is not a suspect and to all this he thanks those who were there for him and still sending words of tributes to him irrespective of what is going on.

AKA will now take time out to ‘carry out self-introspection and healing’, raising concerns about his own well-being ever since the death of his fiancée.

Many wanted AKA to say something after Nelli’s death, they wanted to know how he is and how he is holding up. The Nedbank opening over the past weekend was a great thing happend as people saw that he was doing fine and still clean.

Now that he is pulling back again, it will be something else to not know what he is thinking or doing or holding up. Forbes to STEP BACK FROM SPOTLIGHT due to social Pressure.

Statement released by African Rap City