Midnight driving turned to a shock for a truck driver after seeing this

Midnight driving turned to a shock for a truck driver after seeing what you are about to hear here. 

A guy who was traveling at night on duty on a high to deliver goods came to a shock after seeing something very scary on the road. This caused a stir on social media after, other people say they miss seeing such things as they feel like they are close to them.

In all high way road it is believed that when an accident occurs the family of the deceased should go to the spot and collect theor souls. If the family doesn’t go and collect the spirits then they believe the spirits are not collect then they will haunt the roads even cause accidents.

One wrote; ” I miss seeing them again last time I saw them I saw at Sekgopo in Tzaneen. I saw more than 10 of them in one place and we hired a taxi to take us to the funeral at Segosese. I came back alone with a public transport via Devil’s gloof, and I saw them at Soshanguve high way near Block xx and off ramp Rosslyn and in R80.” The person said they always greeps them out and they are full of things.

Judging for the statement here we conclude that there are unresting human spirits on the road and they walk around going up and down.

Some people say this could have been the real person hiking at night and the fact that it was night and all vehicles were to switch on their lights, the beams were to bright to turn as if the man is the unresting spirit. Then from there the driver became naughty by taking the picture knowing it will be perfect also frightening to say it’s a ghost.