Girl body found in the mountain without body parts

A body of a teenager found in the mountain without body parts. 

A teenager was found dead in the mountains yesterday between Leeuwfontein and Manapjane outside Groblersdal in Limpopo.

A body of a young girl believed to be 15 years was found in the mountains on Wednesday. It is alleged that the deceased was without some of her body parts she was wearing a crop top and a skirts.

Nearest police officers of Motetema police station were called at the scene.

People who heard about this incident are broken to learn that the old trend is back. The trend of killing people and take their body parts. These things are happening each and everyday in all communities.

Such things are believed to be of witchcraft, sangomas will be blamed that they ask people to kill and mutilate them. In other towns when such things happens the community tends to go house to house looking for sangoma’s and kills them.