Opinion| If you want to see your enemies in a dream, read this

If you want to see your enemies in a dream or in a form of physical you should follow these steps mentioned here.

There are things said to be myths or beliefs when it comes to a spiritual world, there are those that are just practices that doesn’t cause harm and those that causes harm. This one shared here it hasn’t been proven to harm or not harm.

What you need

One white candle

7 new niddles

Box matches


Insert 7 new niddles into the candle, and light the candle.

Out the candle that is standing on a candle holder for a 100% safety that you won’t burn down the house.

Place the candle with 7 niddles near you bed and make sure there is no wind in the room to avoid curtains catching fire from the candle

Say these words, I want to see my enemies and those behind me. Those who dislike me but pretend to like me.

After saying those words, lie on your bed and close your eyes for 15 minutes. Switch the candle off and do this for only a week, by the following week you need to get yourself ready because you are going to get dreams to see what you have been asking.

The remaining candle needs to be thrown in a flawing water, it can be in a drain or river it is fine. Then walk away because what you have been saying or wishing has been done.

Note: This preformance has not been proven it can harm or it doesn’t harm nor it works.