Good Samaritan pays rent for family facing eviction

Neighbor pays rent for the whole family saving them from eviction.

It’s been a year the whole world under lockdown amid Covid-19, many lost their jobs, places to stay whole others lost their life. It is hard for those who lost jobs as they cannot pay rent or buy enough food even do what they used to do with money.

A couple lost their jobs at tlthe start of the Covid-19 lockdown and have not been able to find a permanent place to stay. Like usual when there is change on salary and budget wise, people will try to work things out to fit with the current situation.

This couple who lost their jobs have been moving to cheaper accommodations all the way but they are now not affording to pay even the cheapest price.

The couple was evicted before April month but a good Samaritan paid rent for them for the whole month, April month. The couple is reported to have spent four night outside with their belongings.

The landlord evicted the couple because he is also depending on the rent money, he had no choice to evict them as he says, irrespective of the National State of Disaster’stay on eviction.

“We are glad that we were able to get help from a kindhearted person but we know where we will get the next rent,” said Sakarombe couple.

It is though this time around to find a new job, companies are not hiring and some are retrenching people, the Sakarombe family says they have been looking for a job but no luck. At the point they think of moving back to Zimbabwe where they come from but they do not have money to do so.

Their landlord Bafana Fafude said he could not keep them any longer cause he also depend on the rent money from tenants. It was hard for the Sakarombe family to just move out several time when Bafana told them, instead Bafana evicted them on later stage when he could not tolerate them.

According to Louise du Plessis from Lawyers for human rights under under the current lockdown regulations, it is still unlawful for evictions to be executed. She said they have been swamped with requests during lockdown and adviced the family to go to the Social Housing Tribunal for help.

In the meantime they would stay for the mouth of April as the good Samaritan(neighbor) paid rent for them this month.