Watch| #JusticeForLufuno_Bully girl got arrested

Watch a video of a girl who apparently bullied a girl named Lufuno and later Lufuno as the victim committed suicide. 

Somewhere in South Africa or the world there is an issue with learners bullying, many parent fear that their children may face traumatic experience at scho because of some circumstances.

In Tuesday early hours in the morning a video surfaced online of a girl who was beaten by one girl but with many involved in her issue.

In this video that went viral, people saw that Lufuno was trying to end the quarrel in a good way that we could conclude she was mature in the situation. In the video it was seen that someone was shooting a video and one girl just appeared and shifted the girl who was talking to Lufuno then started beating her.

Lufunu as you will see in the video shared below, she was deeply hurt and she was scared to be ganged like that. This girl who is called a bully beaten Lufunu hard and many were laughing. Some did try to stop the fight but seems like it was for just.

Watch when Lufuno was beaten and when her beater was in a police Quantum taxi escorted home, reports said. 

Incident happened in Mbilwi high school in Limpopo

Now that this video is viral, many are touched with the alleged news that Lufunu committed suicide after the incident. They have opened a new hashtag of #JusticeForLufuno, many are calling for the bully to be arrested while others say she should not be cause there are lot of people out here who get away with bad things.

The situation that happened earlier on at Mbilwi High School.