Dj Zinhle and Murdah Bongz fed 1000 people and gave away 200 bags

Easter weekend was a week of charity for Dj Zinhle and Murdah Bongz. The power couple showed that charity begins at home. 

Instead of spending together, the power couple spent their special time feeding 1000 people and gave them 200 bags of supplies. Fans were happy to find out that the power couple acted in a kindness way.

Giving back to the community is a good thing you can do as a person, for this couple it took many hearts and fans are happy. This far people are convinced that Dj Zinhle and Murdah Bongz are soul mates.

Dj Zintle took it to social media that her and her lover Murdah were busy over the weekend giving back to the community. She noted that 1000 people people were fed and 200 bags of supplies were given out.


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The couple seems like they spend quality time together and they like to help each other when they need each other. One time Murdah was hospitalized and Dj Zinhle was there for him.

One other time Dj Zintle had to launch a film for one of her projects and she had a wardrobe malfunction as the heel of her shoe broke. Murdah Bongz came to save the day and tried to fix her shoe.

Another man’s loss is another man’s treasure, AKA might have lost golden Zintle but Murdah got lucky. Murdah captioned one of the snaps saying he loves Dj Zintle too much.