Innocentia from Uzalo her life is questionable since she left. Find out

Innocentia from Uzalo ever since she left her life is questionable. She was a step mother of Zikhethelo and a wife of Nkunzi. 

Sthandwa Gama best known as Innocentia night been a horrible mom on Zikhethelo but in real life she is such a person who is loving and kind. In real life she is married to a pastor, the wedding was held in Durban same day as Minnie Dlamani to be named as Minnie Jones.

Sthandwa is one one the celebrities who knows how to keep her life private but gives people hints through her pictures on social media. This comes after her wedding photos were not all over internet.

Like any other human being, she told Daily Sun that she is very happy in her marriage. She also said that in her wedding it was like a fairytale. One of the things she did on her wedding dress was not to design it but to buy a ready made.

Sthandwa was once a radio Dj, she worked for Ukhozi FM for 10 years. Sthandwa once had difficulties in her marriage in 2020, she opened a case of assault against her husband that nearly made them to divorce.

Her life is much questionable ever since she left Uzalo, nothing much of her real life tale is in public. She knows how to keep her life private knowing that people later may drag you on social media. Look what is going on with the Fergusons, the old allegations of Shona cheating with Sharon from Generations people still talk about it.