Witch doctor made two thieves to return stolen TV and gas cooker using swarm of bees

Just when thieves were about to celebrate their victory of stealing things and later to sell them to get money and enjoy, they saw a swarm of bees coming to them exposing them to return what they stole.

The incident happend where thieves stole the plasma TV and a gas cooker from someone who didn’t want thieves to get away. The owner of this TV and gas cooker hired a witch doctor to make the thieves to return his belongings. The two thieves were caught later after they were attacked by a swarm of bees.

They didn’t know what to do but the owner was told to look for people who will be stung by bees. They will be forced to return the stolen things and the bees might leave them later when they have returned the products.

As far as they were found with the TV set and the gas cooker, they were arrested and are now in police custody. These bees were powerful that it is reported the TV was stucked on the other thieves hands as if it was glued. The bees did their job so tgat when police and community arrives they find them red handed.

The owner of the TV is a lady and she is identified as Ms Roshida Jowelia. She told the reporters tgat she didnt want to go to the police as far as she has a knowledge that the case of investigation will be dragged which will make these thieves to get away. She then decided to seek for help at the local witch doctor to help her get her things back within short space of time.

People saw something very strange when they saw these swarm bees acted like handcuffs. The bees handcuffed these two man and made the TV to stuck on their hands. When these thieves were interviewed, they say they went to Kenya to look for a job but they didint find it. They say stealing things was due to being unemployed.