Furious farmer build a fence around BMW after it blocked his gate

A furious farmer build a fence around a BMW after the owner blocked his gate by parking in front of the gate without moving.

A farmer who is furious for a BMW driver parking his car in front of the gate without moving, he only made the fence around it as a revenge. What will the BMW owner do after finding his car is locked in a fence?

The BMW driver parked his car because he didn’t want the farmer to open the gate for his animals, he wanted them to suffer inside without food.

Green party councilor Emily Durant posted a picture of a BMW on social media warning people about leaving their cars parked in front of farmer’s gate for too long.

It’s great to be welcoming everyone in Wales back to our corner of heaven, but please don’t be a plonker and park in front of farm gates. She said. 

She tells people that the Wales is a working place not a place to have this kind of fun, when people park their cars unattended then they will find their cars like this.

She tells a story that like to take advantage of farms forgetting that farms are a work place and of people do not respect that they will upset farmers.

It’s an amusing picture, but the message behind it is a serious one. All we ask is for people to be considerate when travelling to rural areas and to be mindful of their surroundings.

Sad news for BMW driver. There is no clear matter on this incident that the driver got his car back or it was possessed.