Zodwa explains why she doesn’t have chairs in her house

Zodwa wabantu made a Instagram video explaining why she doesn’t have chairs at her new house.

There are many things you can’t but at home so that you can feel comfortable as well as your visitors. Things we buy for our houses are thing that we know they bring beauty and style.

Zodwa took it to social media explaining why she doesn’t have chairs at her house. She explain in a video also via caption that people or to say visitors are not allowed at her house.

She talks about she doesn’t want people to get comfortable. This can result in not having long staying visitors and it can also trigger the thing of not having visitors, Zodwa opens this path and she is fine with it.

You are not welcomed at my home. Upstairs, lounge, TV & couches for me phansi ima ngezinyawo. Talk your business and leave.


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