No suicide| Correctional Service broadened the investigation

The pending investigation against the prison officer has been broadened, read about speculation around the matter that will shock you. 

It is alleged that the Correctional Service female officer who was caught on camera with he alleged inmate husband has committed suicide. These are fake news, she did not according to friends. 

16 March 2021 is the date marked on a calendar of a prison warden who was caught on a 6 minutes sex tape with an inmate. Many people did not believe when history repeated its self this morning.

Long time ago a video went viral when a cop and a prison officer were caught on camera on a sex tape at the hospital. On Wednesday 16 2021 of March people bumped on almost the same incident.

The video has been circulating since morning but looking at the first post seems like it was uploaded in early hours on Wednesday after 12:00am.

According to News24, the KwaZulu-Natal Correctional Service Warden has been suspended for her sexual encounter she has with the inmate.

We have charged that Official with a suspended letter. The letter has been handed to her and she has been suspended now. The investigation has been broadened beyond just the two people involved in the video, ” Department of Correctional Service Spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo told News24.

The matter where the Correctional Service officer committing suicide it is very unclear to us at the moment. People hope these are fake news and they hope she handles the matter in a good manner than to take her life.

On the news report according to the Correctional Service Spokesperson, the news that are circulating that the two are married are false. Nxumalo confirmed on media reports.

The time of this video being released according to the spokesperson, the department of Correctional Service said it was embarrassed and gutted when they saw this video.

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