AKA Wins Legal Battle For The Braai Show

AKA has gone through a lot in recent months and it’s refreshing to see him with a smile on his face.

A relieved AKA announced on Monday afternoon that he has won the long legal battle for his television show, The Braai Show. He made the announcement through an official statement.

This Morning, justice was finally served. I received confirmation of what I have always said; That I own the Braai Show.

The Supa Mega says it’s always been about principals and asserting his right to his intellectual property.


This matter for me has always been about business principles and asserting my right to my intellectual property. It’s about the injustices that continue to befall us in the creative industry and the violation of our trust by those we work with, who continue to exploit us.

AKA is happy that the proceedings have determined that he owns half of the Braai Show.


This I am happy that the arbitration proceedings have determined, with finality, that I own half of the Braai Show, I will be going after what is rightfully mine against those that sought to exploit It and undermine my creativity and intellectual property.

He gave a special thanks to Molai Attorneys and his counsel, Adv. Tshidiso Ramogale. He also thanked his fanbase, The Megacy for the support they’ve shown him.

Special thanks to Molai Attorneys and my counsel, Adv. Tshidiso Ramogale … And thank you to the Megacy as always. Let this serve as a warning to ANYBODY in the entertainment industry, individual, production company or broadcaster, who seeks to steal our ideas. Get those coins ready.

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Following Cassper’s announcement in 2021 that he would be taking over the Braai Show, AKA and his team issued a statement making it known that they were not aware of this.

“By now as you are aware, The Braai Show goes to air tonight on SABC 1. This matter for me has always been about business principles and asserting my legal rights to my intellectual property and a binding contractual clause that clearly states that myself and MakhuduCom are equal partners to the Braai Show.

When I took a personal decision on May 13, to step back from public engagements and day-to-day business, to heal. I personally engaged all my business partners, advising of this and my continued commitment to these partnerships. Never did I foresee a partnership with such personal connections and affiliations would be one to betray me like this.” Read the statement in part.