Man living luxurious life found with 70 SASSA cards

A Durban man who lives a luxurious lifestyle found with 70 SASSA cards by the police.

Durban – A man is now is police custody after he was found with 70 SASSA cards in his possession.

According to the police, a 47 years man was involved in a SASSA card scam in Durban and police received information leading to him. Apparently this guy he was caught red handed at the ATM withdrawing money at Anton Lambede street.

Things found in his possession

  • Mercedes Benz
  • 70 SASSA cards
  • R7640 cash

Police confiscated all these also went to the man’s home in Umhlanga to do further search. A USB stick was found too and further investigation will be done to determine what it contains.

47 year old man will soon be appearing at the Durban Magistrate’s court to face charges of fraud and possession of stolen property more details surrounding the situation will be released.

A 47 years old man who was found in possession with 70 SASSA cards and his Mercedes Benz was taken also things like a USB with information was found.