Love portion| Top sangoma send strong warning to ladies

Top sangoma’s strong warning to ladies who use love portion on their husband/boyfriends.

It seems like a good idea to use a love portion on your husband or boyfriend these days. This comes after men leaving their partners after many things have happened. Many things such as having a baby or being slept with them several times.

Gobela Mntimande  told news reporters that people should use it while it last for fun but when time goes on things changes. Thus comes after a man who started to see that his wife was milking him all the time.

We know that women use it to keep their men in check. It’s like a control measure used to stop a man from cheating, said Mntimande.

Mntimande says that women should be aware of the consequences of using love portions after it has washed off. He talks about being beaten, being abused and being left for good.

Men are on their best behaviour when love portion is used on them,he said.

Gobela talks about men who are under this spell will want nothing but time with their partners most of the time. They will also leave their career and stay home.

He says that a man who is under the love portion, he will also turn his back against his own family. They will try to reach out to him warning him but he won’t listen.

She says that soon as the woman gets what she want, they become relaxed and they forget to renew the love portion. Mntimande says a love portion has to be renewed once in a while.

Gobela Gogo advises both men and women to stop forcing love.