Couple arrested with tons of dagga and drugs

A couple arrested for running drugs and dagga business at Phutanang.

A man who is 34 years old and a woman who is 36 years old arrested after police pounced back on their shanty in the early hours after Kimberly Cluster Task Team followed up on information and raided the shack.

Police searched and found 21kg of dagga, 197 mandrax tablets and cash on premises. The approximate street value of goods is R120 000.

The couple is now arrested and will soon appear in the Kimberly Magistrate’s Court soon as the charges are being pressed.

Cash, 21 kg of dagga and 197 mandrax tablets.

People are asking if they weren’t allowed to sell and why not leave them alone but the tons they have are not allowed as stated. Mandrax was never said to be sold, it is classified as illegal drugs.

– This couple is expected to appear in the Kimberly Magistrate’s Court soon.