Watch: ‘My forever love’: Bianca Naidoo’s last tribute to husband Riky Rick

‘I will forever be grateful for the gift of you,’ said Bianca Naidoo in her last tribute to her husband, hip-hop star Riky Rick.

Riky Rick’s funeral took place on Tuesday 1 March in a private ceremony in Johannesburg. The hip-hop star’s family and close friends all wore white in remembrance of him. Bianca Naidoo gave a heartwarming tribute to her husband, Riky Rick, while his father-in-law, Kumi Naidoo, recalled their last conversation.

In her speech, Bianca Naidoo said Riky Rick’s love for her was “honest, authentic and transcendent”.

“He often said that I was saving his life, without realising that he too, was saving mine,” said Bianca.

“My king, my heart, my forever love. Thank you for giving us all that you had to give in this lifetime. Thank you for choosing me.”

“I will forever be grateful for the gift of you. I promise to give our children all your love and mine. To keep your memory and your light shining bright.”

Bianca Naidoo’s father, Kumi Naidoo took the stage to remember his son-in-law. In his last message to the hip-hop star, Naidoo thanked Riky for preaching messages of “love, unity and justice” in his work and in his life.

On their last conversation, Kumi Naidoo said: “Thank you for sharing your anger and your heartbreak at the injustice and corruption in our country, during our last conversation.”

“I wish it did not drive you to such sadness and such depression.”

Kumi Naidoo also spoke deeply about Riky’s struggle about being a role model and shared his thoughts on social media.

“Thank you for in the last conversation, talking honestly about the struggle that you had about people putting you out there as a role model and that you were looking around the scale of the injustices and inequalities and struggling to see how it could meet.”

“You also talked about getting rid of things and making your life simple. And the fact that you got attacked on social media for trying to do that.”