Watch: Woman shot in the face but stood up and ran away

As a country, South Africans famously bury their hands in the sand and flatly refuse to talk about the crime that affects them daily. No one is safe, and criminals do whatever it takes to get what they want, yet the public refuses to force the police to protect them or to get the police department to only hire police officers that are well trained and understand their roles.

Everyone is happy to sit back and criticize Police Minister Bheki Cele as lazy, yet the bigger problem is that crime is everywhere, and it will take the entire country to work with the police to change things for the better. Police are being robbed or killed daily, but the masses turn the other cheek, pretending that it does not affect them.

In a video shared by South Africa Daily, a woman from Umhlanga in KwaZulu-Natal was with her friends when she was approached by an unknown man and shot in the face. The suspect ran away on foot, and surprisingly, the wounded victim stood up and ran in the other direction.

The driver of the vehicle, suspected to be her friend, pretended as nothing had happened, and just drove away following the incident.

This has confused a lot of people, with some suggesting that the victim was not shot with a real gun, whilst others ate stunned that she just stood up and ran away instead of waiting to be attended to by the police and guards who were at the scene.

Perhaps this is another Gender-Based Violence incident. It is quite weird that the police were at the scene at the time of the incident but failed to investigate. Whatever the case, this only proves that the police department is filled with officers who do not really care about protecting their communities.


– Sasatjie