“Zondo be ready”, says MKMVA saying arrest will pass through them first

A member of uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) Carl Niehaus just told Zondo to be ready to arrest a member of MKMVA in Inkandla since they are guarding Jacom Zuma 24/7.

Carl Niehaus commented after Justice Raymond Zondo filed an application to the constitutional Court asking Jacob Zuma to be jailed for 2 years for being in contempt of court in that in disobedience.

Justice Raymond Zondo want an urgent answer from constitutional court to arrest Zuma for 2 years, Carl is bashes the application and says they will have to arrest a member of MKMVA first before they get to Zuma.

We are really outraged by this rushed application to the Constitutional Court by Mr Justice Zondo. One asks oneself when he and the whole state capture commission have lost their minds? Are they really now hellbent to deepen the crisis that they have created?” says Carl. 

Former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma intentionally and unlawfully failed or refused to furnish the commission with affidavits in compliance with directives issued by the Chairperson of the Commission in 2020.

Many people who are following this story are asking if a person is not obeying a court rule should they not be held accountable? Now that Zuma is doing this, Shepherd Bushiri and Pastor Amatoso should not be held accountable for their actions? Tweep asked.

Too much heat on social media regarding Jacob Zuma, Shepherd Bushiri and pastor Amatoso.