Kim Kardashian| Not yet declared single, ready to date?

Caos between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to be escalating further, is Kim ready to date after filing for divorce?

It’s almost 10 years now Kim since not single, she married to the top musician in the United States also a business man but now separation is on the plate just like that.

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“I love my stripes,” says Khloé

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Fans are not happy to hear that their favorite couple in the industry is separating. They would even hurt more if they hear one of the most favorite couple like Jay-Z and Beyoncé separates too, not heard of!See u o

Kim and Kanye seem like all the past years they were growing apart not knowing that they will separate in the future. Now that Kim has filed for divorce, is she ready to date or not yet?

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Reports says that Kim tried to save her marriage from ending by going on a marriage counseling but they still could not make it work.

Kim told E! News that she 2020 was a rough year for her and now she is not ready to date she tells that she want to focus on her life and her four kids.

As we all know that friends will be there for us to make us happy, it is believed that Kim’s friends will set her up to a blind date.

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Kim has been busy with her studies, apart from being a super businesswoman Kim is focusing on becoming a lawyer.




It will not be easy for Kim Kardashian to be in a relationship after the final declaration that she is single. It is believed that she will take time to date but only her heart will tell.