Remember that couple that got married at 18 years? See them now

Love is a beautiful thing that happens between two hearts. It is also a blessing form God, it’s a privilege to have a home and family that is full of love.

When a family has so much love, the bond between will not be broken easily. When love is strong, support and others thing will come easy.

A stir rouse up when people were surprised to see such young people are getting married at this age, 18 years old. People had things to say about them as they thought the relationship would not last because they are young and still more aged of them.

A popular tweep took it to social media celebrating the love that grew so strong as they age. People congratulated them and some got surprised to see they are still together till date.

The two might have lived to prove to people that Tru love does exist, it doesn’t matter when you find it. To some cases, people believes that you only find your soulmate when you are an aldut.

Many people tend to get married when they are at the age passed 35 years because she think they are now ready. Well you can be ready even on the age of 16 years, irrespective your partner is not.