Covid-19 – Survey shows 90% of teachers are anxious of contracting the virus

Survey shows teachers are concern with the rise of the Covid-19 infections and contracting them when schools reopen. They talk over the improvements to be done now and by February when schools reopens.

There is an online education platform that shows that 90% of teachers are concern of the impact of Covid-19. Many of them are saying that there is no enough address from Department of Basic Education (DBE) regarding this.

All schools reopen by 15th February 2021.

Malcolm Mooi, the founder of the online professional learning community says teachers affiliated to SADTU, NAPTOSA and with stakeholders of the Zibuza network indicated that they are skeptical of the measures ahead when they reopen schools.

The order for the schools to reopen by the 15th February gave the time to look deeper into the concern of the teachers.

While the teachers in our network appreciate the challenging position the DBE is in, may feel like not enough has been done to protect both them and learners as Covid-19 infections rates continues to rise and are skeptical about what improvements can realistically be made between now and February.

Over 61% which are over 45 says they it puts them on higher risk of having symptoms of this virus, that’s the category Zibuza place them. On the other hand the country is in face of the new variant of 501Y in hand, this again puts them on anxious mode more.

The findings of the Zibuza indicates that either they or one of the teachers have contracted Covid-19 while teaching. Teachers in the country are classified as essential workers and they are in a group of vaccine roll-out plan because they are at risk too.

Mooi adds that there’s no specific date when the teachers will receive the first jab of vaccine, good news are that the vaccine roll-out roll from 1st February 2021. Teachers again are concern that these measures will be too late to prevent schools from becoming super spreader events still.

Good news are that teachers will receive their jab during the phase two of the roll out strategy , the report is from TSA. Private school teacher also is concern that learners at school might not adhere to the health protocols when schools reopens. Teachers also says they spend much time telling learners to wear their masks.

Teachers also adds that there should be stricter measurements in place if they are failing to adhere to them. This really shows that teachers are afraid to contract this virus, Mooi adds to the reports. Other findings are that teachers are also concern that parents will want to keep their children at home which will disadvantages them educationally.