Crime – Durban Nurses arrested for allegedly using patient’s bank cards

Durban – Two male nurses are expected to appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday 2021 for the allegations against them that they are using admitted patient’s bank card while sick bed. 

The male nurse alleged that he used one of the patient’s bank card while he was still in hospital. Apparently the patient died and the male nurse still continued to use the bank card.

First nurse is 40 years old working at St Augustine’s Hospital and the second accused is 54 years old working at Private Hospital in Umhlanga, Durban. SAPS Colonel Thembeka Mbele reported.

For the matter to come to light it was by luck that the deceased had a joint account with the owner of Auto Engineering in Umbilo. They are both business partners, well he only saw the money is being used probably didn’t mind at first as the partner is on his sick bed.

There comes his passing and the money was still coming out of the joing business account. He then decided to open a case for investigations as the family has no knowledge of they transactions.

On the deceased bank statement, it shows that the first withdrawal was made as St Augustine’s Hospital, however the footage is available but it isn’t clear enough to see the person.

Colonel Mbele during his investigations went to all shops that appears on Bank statement. The first suspect who is 40 years old appears camera wearing full hospital uniform, at Glenwood Spar.

At the time of interrogation of this first suspect, he gave statement that the card was of his friend, the one who is 45 years old. According to Colonel Mbele, the 40 years old male nurse is a repeat offender for fraud and theft.

Suspect number two was also arrested for a case of fraud previously, this is a habit for them to take patient’s belongings and use them as their own.

These two suspects went through the cellphone of the deceased and found a bank pin. The suspect sold the cellphone to second hand cellphone shop in Point Road. Well police managed to recover it.