Illegal border crossers from Lesotho to SA drowned, 42 crossed

Apparently South Africa doesn’t have one illegal border crossers from Zimbabwe, it also has one from Lesotho. In the past media reports, about 42 illegal immigrants from Lesotho were spotted crossing Mohokare River to South Africa not so long ago.

The country was busy tightening security at Zimbabwe border to South Africa, now there another loop for illegal immigrants from Lesotho. In this season of summer, it is raining a lot and river are almost full. Before new year, a person by the nickname Daddy drowned at Inkoyoyo Quarry.

There are many things speculated in his death, some say he didn’t know how to swim and some say there are spiritual things that drowned him while science says quarry temperature is very low that a person can die in less than 5 minutes.

South Africa has another border to worry about, the one from Lesotho. This will put South African government in to anthoeer strain to supply them with food, job and shelter.

Some of these people will find a way to get legal papers and find jobs. These illegal immigrants will be scattered in South Africa and there are lot of aspects to look in to. Things like increasing of unemployment, crime and some of them bring unwanted pregnancies because they will want to settle with South Africans for identity.

Lesotho Pllolice hace recovered 7 bodies believed that they were trying to cross the border to South Africa. These people might have tried to cross were the river is full of water and didn’t know how to swim or something.

This illegal crossing started before Christmas, not knowing how many did manage to cross and already in South Africa. The 6 bodies recovered in 2nd January 2021, with 42 known ones to have crossed.

Reports says one of the deceased person used something like mattresses to float and use as a boat to cross the Mohokare River to South Africa. There are fears that there could be more bodies in the river but finding will tell if there’s any.

Luckily the 41 illegal immigrants were arrested on Saturday the 1st of January 2021. South African Police will work hand in hand with Lesotho Police to ensure this thing doesn’t happen again, it’s a hope.